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top f2p mmorpg

Top Free Online MMORPG Games Vs Best Pay to Play MMORPG

The article is about Free Online MMORPG Games and Pay to Play MMORPG games, also you will see in it their descriptions and compares with each other. We share this article to you, because nowadays the demand of useful information about these games is high.
The index of the popularity of Free Online MMORPG Games shows us that they are amazingly famous through players and people from whole over the world are registered and play these games.
Here is a List of Top and Best Free to Play 3D Online MMORPGs and Pay to Play MMORPGs:
  1. Tibia MC - It's a Free to Play MMORPG, continuous version of a very well-known MMORPG Guild Wars. Official release of this game has not been published yet, but you can find easily in internet official trailers and other information. As the critics and most of professional games and MMORPG reviewers say Guild Wars 2 will definitely be the Best MMORPG of 2011 through Free to Play and Pay to Play Games. So it's very interesting what sources will use the game-developers of the World of Warcraft.
  2. The World of Warcraft (known as WoW) - WoW is the most widely popular MMORPG in the world and followed from that the game has a title of the "Best MMORPG". WoW is really the amazingly perfect game and each of you will be surprised by its omnipotence. The game is in the Pay to Play MMORPG.
  3. flash tibia - really amazing Free to Play game and I think followed from my experience in MMORPGs that it's the first strong competitor for the World of Warcraft (Allods Online is also strong game in this case, but the storyline is different). Runes of Magic is really alike to wow, but the differences between them, storyline (mostly same, but different), Free to Play and other features gain the game the strong and popular character for gamers.
Top 2D MMORPG List:
Dark Orbit - it's a free to play 2D MMORPG with a very high popularity index. The game storyline is based on a Sci-Fi system and the huge difference and high qualities against other also well-known MMORPGs gain it a big benefit.
  • Free to Play,
  • No Download or Installation,
  • Browser Game
  • Chance to win up to £10,000 each month
Seafight - A very popular and interesting 2D Free to Play Browser-MMORPG. The offered storyline is really perfect: you make your own pirate ship and become a captain and then meet lots of adventures with and against the people from whole over the world.
  • Free to Play
  • No Download or Installation
  • Browser MMORPG
  • Tibia bot
  • High popularity
You may have already noticed that each game from Best 2D MMORPG Games List is free to play, with no installation and download and also are Browser-Games.
If the article was interesting and you want to find out more useful information, or special offers to play this games for free with free sign up click FREE ONLINE MMORPG GAMES and prepare for useful detailed information. If you want to find out more information about the BEST MMORPG click here and get known to rare trailers, official trailers, gameplay videos, reviews by professional reviewers and MMORPG-gamers and etc.

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Tibia mc's Renewal

Finally, Banor again turned to the gods to help him, and they answered his prayers. Again it was the ever-resourceful Uman who had found a solution, a solution that was possible because he had made a most amazing discovery: He had found that beyond the very fabric of existence there were other dimensions, far-away planes in which even the elder gods held no power. However, Uman had found a way to establish a connection to these alternative planes of existence, and after much experimenting he had learnt that it was possible to conjure souls of living creatures from these planes. When brought to Tibia these souls could be turned into human shape, forming the champions the human race desperately needed. This, then, was the answer to the human's problems, and it was swiftly put into practice. The gods planted a number of magical gates on Tibia, gates that were soon referred to as Portals of Souls. Through these gates a steady flow of heroes came into the world, human warriors that were both cunning and brave, and with the aid of these champions the abominable hordes were slowly but surely pushed back. At long last it looked as though the order would be restored.

Things looked brighter for the human race than they had done in a long time. The allied powers of heroes and humans advanced further and further into the enemy's territory, and the dark hordes seemed to stand on the verge of utter defeat. But alas! Those who believed that the old races would now be wiped from the face of Tibia for good were a little hasty, because something unexpected happened. Faced with the seemingly overwhelming might of the human armies the old races did what for aeons had been unthinkable: They signed a truce. Dragons, orcs, undead and all those other races that had fought amongst themselves for so long suddenly stopped attacking each other and concentrated on their war against the human race. And so it came to pass that again things took a turn for the worse. Even though their enemies did not trust each other enough to form any alliance worth mentioning, the sheer fact that they stopped fighting amongst each other brought the human race into a very precarious position. Soon their advance was brought to halt, and once more they were forced onto the defensive.

The human armies decided to withdraw to their fortified cities to resume the war there, but again they made a surprising discovery. For this time, the very first time in recorded history, the enemies of the humans did not rush after them to take up the fight. Many were puzzled by this, as it was not readily apparent why the hordes acted this way. A common theory was the tensions and the mutual distrust between the old races was too strong for them to combine their forces in a sustained campaign, and some even claimed that they had started waging war against each other once more. Others suggested that the old races had exhausted themselves in the course of the many wars, while still others hinted that perhaps an equilibrium had been reached, a status quo which all sides felt they could live with. Whatever the reason, a period of restless but fundamentally stable peace ensued, and it lasts to this day. For the very first time the troubled world has a reprieve from the ceaseless slaughter which troubled it for aeons.

The humans have availed themselves well of this opportunity. Under the wise guidance of the Thaian kings, who were direct descendants of Banor, the race is living through a golden age. The arts and the sciences prosper, and many a thriving city has been founded. To be sure, the humans' expansion has met with fierce resistance, and in fact the dauntless heroes who still enter this world from the mysterious Portals of Souls are busy enough to fight the tibia bot threat posed by all kinds of hostile creatures. But so far the peace has lasted, and under its protection the human race has finally asserted itself as the dominant species in Tibia. However, there are disquieting signs that this glorious era might slowly come to its end. For the old enemies have never been vanquished, and now it seems that they are growing increasingly restless. The fierce orcs are stirring once more, attacking human settlements and sometimes even major cities in vicious, well-coordinated attacks. The undead have again started to walk the land, striking fear into the hearts of the living. There are even disconcerting reports that the fearsome dragons who have lain dormant for centuries are again leaving their hidden lairs to prey. Worst of all, the humans, that curious race, have started bickering amongst themselves, and more than once tensions have led to armed conflicts. In the course of time, some humans even renounced the Thaian kings' rule and founded own cities and empires.

It may be that this is yet another one of Zathroth's wicked ploys. It is well known that his most diabolic minions, the gruesome demons, are lurking in the shadows, biding their time. Who knows - perhaps Tibia is on the brink of another cataclysmic war, and a new twilight will fall on the world. Fate alone knows what the future has in store for Tibia. Let us all hope and pray that the humans' unity will not break just when it is needed most.

Chapter VI: The Creation of the Humans

Tibia masters

The Birth of the Elements

So it came to pass that Tibia, the living core of all creation, was born. It derived from the element of the earth, whereas Sula, the mighty sea lapping gently against Tibia's shores, was created from the element of water. Air rose over creation and spread itself like a protective blanket over it, while fire was to be the fundament, warming the land with its eternal flames. Finally, all the elements had taken their places to form the world, and each of the individual parts of the God was sparkling with divine energy! Unfortunately, however, they were all wild and impetuous, driven by their impulsive natures. It was clear that none of them had inherited Tibiasula's gentle spirit - the harmony had been destroyed forever. However, Uman and Fardos did not give up. They decided to create something new from the elements, something that would resemble Tibiasula or at the very least honour her memory. For many aeons they studied the elements, until finally they made an important discovery - the elements held within them seeds of new creation, seeds which would bear fruit if one of the elder gods united with the elements. And so it came to pass that the gods had finally discovered the secret of life.

Fardos was the first to try. He united with the element of fire, and fire bore him two children: Fafnar, a daughter, and Suon, a son. Soon enough these two new gods took their rightful places in creation as tibia mc. They chose to live in the sky that lay over it. And so it came to pass that two suns rose above creation to shed their light on it. Unfortunately, however, the two siblings were quite different in character, and they did not get on well. While Suon was calm and considerate, his sister Fafnar was reckless and wild, and she carelessly ravaged the world with her searing flames. Finally, Suon lost patience with his sister. He attacked her, and so a furious fight ensued. In this struggle Suon prevailed because he was stronger than his sister, and so Fafnar turned to flee across the sky, trying to reach the safety of the underworld where fire, her elemental mother, lived. However, Suon followed his sister even to her refuge in the underworld, and so Fafnar left it and once again fled across the sky. Suon continued his relentless chase, and he does so to this day. This is the reason why every day both of the suns disappear from the horizon for a time, causing the land to fall into darkness.

Now Uman tried his luck. He united with earth which as we know is called Tibia. And earth bore him Crunor the Lord of the Trees. This god was full of charm and vitality. Like Fafnar, his capricious cousin, Crunor loved his own shape, but he was wiser than her and far more modest. He soon became a creator of living things himself, because he was inspired by creation and by the miraculous gift of life. He designed plants after his own image and placed them on the body of mother Tibia, until they covered all of her face like a beautiful garment.

Fardos then united with air, and he begot Nornur the God of Fate. Nornur envied Crunor's proud shape because he had inherited his mother's fragile, delicate form, and in fact his body had hardly more substance than a fleeting cloud or a song in the wind. He asked his creative cousin to help him get a firm body of his own, but no matter how hard the cousins tried, they did not find a solution. Nornur always was what he had been in the first place: An ethereal god, the shadow of a shadow. To console his sad cousin, Crunor suggested to Nornur that he should at least create some living being that belonged to him so he could manifest himself in his servants. And so it came to pass that the spiders came into the world, elegant if eerie creatures who could weave gossamer webs of great beauty. Fragile and fleeting, these delicate webs resemble Nornur's ephemeral form.

Finally, Uman united with Sula, the tibia bot, and that was the hour that Bastesh the Mistress of the Sea was conceived. She was exceedingly beautiful, and Uman and Fardos were sad when they saw her, for she reminded them of Tibiasula, Bastesh's divine ancestress. But alas! Her beauty would not last. When Fafnar, the vain sun goddess, beheld Bastesh, she exploded with jealousy and attacked her with all the fury of her injured pride. Deep sank her fiery claws into the frail body of the newly born goddess, and had it not been for the other gods she would have torn her apart. That was the moment Suon decided to punish his sister for her misdeeds, and as a just punishment she was sentenced to continue her flight eternally, fleeing across Tibia's skies from her brother's fury. Bastesh, however, never fully recovered from the terrible wounds inflicted on her by her jealous cousin. Her beauty was ruined forever almost as soon as it came to this world, but worse still were the scars she bore inside. She grew up to be shy and melancholic, preferring the quiet solitude of the ocean whose waters are said to be salty because of her ceaseless tears. However, even though she rarely communicated with the outside world her presence was revealed by an abundance of sea creatures that soon came to populate the ocean.

Chapter II: The Great Creation Chapter IV: The First Creatures

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tibia quickstart

This is a short introduction to Tibia. It will provide you with general instructions on how to set up the game and to start playing. If you have a specific question, or if you would like to get detailed instructions, please see the manual for reference.

1 How to Start

To play Tibia you need to create an account first. Simply click on Create Account and follow the instructions. Make sure to select a safe password and account name which cannot be guessed easily. Select your character's name, gender and the game world you want to play on.
Please make sure that you choose a name for your character that does not violate the Tibia Rules. Of course, you have to follow this code of conduct while playing and using our website at any time. Otherwise, you may be excluded from our game service.

As a next step please download the client software and install it on your computer.

Now you are ready to start playing. Go to your windows desktop and double-click on the Tibia icon to start the game client. On the title screen simply click on "Enter Game". Once you have entered your account data a menu will be displayed. Double-click on the name of the character you have created. The client will now connect to the game server and your character can start his career as an adventurer. Please note that if too many players are online on the selected game world, you will have to wait a while before you can log in. The client will show your current position in the login queue and automatically try to log in your character after the displayed waiting period.

Please make sure to confirm your account so you can use all features of a regular Tibia free account. To do so click on the link in the email you have received after creating your account. For security reasons, you should also register your account.

2 Screen Layout

Once you are logged into the game, you will see the adventure screen.

Game Window
The game window is where most of the action is taking place. It shows a part of the world of Tibia, with your own character in the middle of tibia mc.
Much like a radar screen, the automap will show you an overview of your surroundings. In the beginning a large part of this map will be dark since you need to explore the area first. The map buttons to the right will allow you to scroll around on the automap.
Status Bars
The status bars show your current hit points (red) and magic points (blue). Note that in the beginning you will have no magic points (mana) at all.
Right below these bars you can see your inventory. It is divided into several slots for different body parts. Please note that you can put items only in the slot they are designed for, i.e. you can place a shield in your character's hand, but not on his head. The top right slot is reserved for containers such as bags and backpacks.
Combat Controls
The combat controls consist of six tibia bot marks. They determine your character's behaviour in battle.
Several further buttons are arranged next to or below the inventory screen. Some of them ("Options" and "Help") will open up menus, while others (such as "VIP" and "Battle") will open up sub-windows. Clicking on "Stop" will cause your character to stop any action he is currently taking, while the button "Logout" will end the game.
At the bottom of the screen you will find the console through which you can talk to other players. Communication is organised in different chat channels which can be activated by clicking on the little button with the file card in the top right corner of the console.
Cooldown Bar
In the cooldown bar you can see how much time you still have to wait until a spell or a spell of a certain spell group is available again. You can hide the cooldown bar in the Options menu under General.

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Multi Tibia

Happy Birthday Tibia!
ibia turns 15 today!
 What a milestone! Tibia bot!

We want to celebrate and share that with you
for together we made this birthday come true.
15 exciting and rewarding years,
let's clink our glasses and say a big cheers!

On January 15 the festivities will start,
and we hope that all of you will take part.
A bouquet of special events is waiting for you
till February 15 there's much to look forward to.

Ingame fun, Thais decorated,
special offers to celebrate it.
Old guilds will get a unique surprise,
and all who login can get something nice.

Soon, we will provide more information,
but first we want to thank you for your dedication!
Thank you for your support so far,
you are simply wunderbar!

Tibia turns 15 today!
What a milestone! Hip, hip, hooray!

Your CipSoft Team
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Dec 22 2011 -
Content fixes
oday some fixes were implemented with the server save:
  • You can now buy empty flower pots from Nelliem in Venore.
  • In addition, ice flower pots will no longer turn into fairy dancer flowers.
  • Deepling and hive items are now only sellable at the NPC Rock in a Hard Place, except for Rashid exclusive items. The keyword is "local equipment".
  • Gray Beach was added to the city list of all post NPCs.
  • Some further minor adjustments were made.

If you want to talk about the latest content fixes with other players, you can leave your comments in the thread tibia bot.

Your Community Managers

Dec 21 2011 -
Happy Holidays!
nother year is coming to a close and the festive days are almost here, Tibians. They will give us all a little time to rest, recharge and enjoy moments with our loved ones.

The season of giving is also a great time to think about helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves and those who are in need. For years, CipSoft has been supporting regional, national, and international aid projects and organisations through donations. Therefore, we are excited to announce a holiday charity campaign which will run from today on until January 05, 2012, 15:00 CET. During this time, EUR 0.10 of each payment we receive will be donated to UNICEF. Whether you pay for premium time or an extra service, whether you use the Tibia payment system or a reseller - if we receive your payment in the aforementioned time frame you will support UNICEF with your purchase.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continuous support, commitment and for being a part of the Tibian community. Make sure to keep yourself warm and cozy on cold, wintry days. If you do not live in a snowy climate, enjoy the warmth! We wish you a happy holiday season full of joy and cheer, and a prosperous 2012! We are looking forward to a new year full of great Tibia moments and exciting adventures.

Spread the festive spirit!
Your CipSoft Team
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Dec 20 2011 -
New Patch Available
ith the new patch we have addressed the scam issue in the market that was reported by many players.

The following adjustments have been made to make offers more clear:
  • If the price of a sell offer is more than 25 percent above the average market value the offer will be marked red, but only if there is enough statistical data available.
  • If the price of a buy offer is more than 25 percent below the average market value the offer will be marked red, but only if there is enough statistical data available.
  • Furthermore, a mouse-over shows, if the offer is dubious.
  • In addition, the amount, the piece price, and the total price are now separated by slashes in the stand-alone client.
  • In order to clarify the piece price of an item, the word "each" was added to all offers in the stand-alone client.
The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new patch from our download section.

If you want to talk about the latest content fixes with other players, you can leave your comments in the thread Player Discussions: Content Fixes.

Your Community Managers

Dec 14 2011 -
Major Game Update 9.4
At is getting colder outside but we have something to keep you warm and cosy.  Finally, after months of waiting, the Tibia winter update 2011 has been released. During the last few weeks, we gave you short overviews of the new content and features. Before you log in to see for yourself, let us sum up the highlights again:

Finally, a long awaited feature has found its way into Tibia: the market. The market allows you to sell and buy items via fixed price offers. While submitting offers is exclusively available for premium players, all players can browse the market, search for good bargains and accept existing offers. In addition, depots have changed a bit. Lockers now include your depot chest, the new inbox and the market icon to open the market window. In the new inbox, you will find your items from the market and all your mail will be delivered there.
Do you have your wishlist ready? Or do you plan to finally sell all that stuff piling up in your depot box? Check the stand-alone client section and the Beta Flash client section in the manual for further information on how the market works.

If you would like to explore and experience new adventures before or after your shopping spree in the market, the new island Quirefang may be just what you are looking for. Once you have reached the Gray Beach, strange stone statues will greet you and have some stories to tell.
Those of you who prefer underwater discovery should dive down deep into the sea. Enter the realm of the Deeplings, sentient aquatic creatures who worship their god-king Qjell and are about to rise from the deep to conquer the surface. Take on the challenges ahead of you, and make your way from the bottom of the sea up to the ancestral grounds to finally face Qjell's personal guards. Tame the majestic manta ray and earn the right to dress up like a creature of the deep.

If you prefer the buzzing atmosphere of a hive, you should rather leave the Gray Beach on Quirefang northbound. The Hive Born, an insectile breed created to bring destruction, have claimed the territory consuming everything around them and turning it into a swarming wasteland. Do you dare to venture into the hive? Do you have what it takes to defy the dangers lurking out there? Face your creepy-crawly fears by wearing a humming, insectile outfit and riding on the back of a lady bug.

In addition to the new area full of monsters and challenges, even experienced adventurers who know the Tibian lands inside out might stumble across a surprise every now and then. A whole lot of mini world changes can now occur randomly all over Tibia. Before you know it, your help might be needed to catch a bank robber or bring back little Noodles, for example. Also, mind your surroundings... a volcano might erupt, a river might be flooded, and snow might melt away sooner or later.

A couple of further changes and fixes have been implemented with this update which we have listed in the Auditorium so make sure to take a look at Tibia MC.
The update will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 9.4 from our download section.

Set out on new adventures!
Your Community Managers